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Co Ownership

Affording to buy your own home can be difficult, but with the help of ‘The Northern Ireland Co-Ownership Scheme’, owning your own property may be a very real option available to you. Co-ownership allows you to become an owner by part-renting and part-buying the property, known as equity ‘sharing’.

You buy a share of your home (between 50% and 90% of the home’s value) and pay rent on the remaining share. You’ll need to take out a mortgage to pay for your share of the home’s purchase price. You can buy more shares in your home any time after you become the owner. This is known as staircasing.

If you think that Co-Ownership could be the key to owning your own home then Mortgage IQ should be your first point of contact. One of our helpful advisers will analyse your financial circumstances with you, helping you decide what price of property you could potetailly purchase along with working out all your initial upfront costs and ongoing monthly costs.

Co-Ownership has helped thousand of people across Northern Ireland to get on the property ladder, so call and talk to us to see if Mortgage IQ can help you too.

Mortgage IQ Limited can help arrange a mortgage for you which in addition to the Northern Ireland Co-ownership House Association incentive, could potentially help you to purchase your home.

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