Mortgage Protection Explained

At Mortgage IQ we understand that protecting you, your family and your home is important, that's why all our Mortgage Advisers are fully qualified and experienced in discussing your protection options and advising what suits you and your family best.

Protecting Your Mortgage

Most of us wouldn’t think twice about insuring our home, car, TV or smart phone- the material things we see and use every day. We even make sure our pets and holidays are covered. So why don’t we feel the same about protecting our families?

Perhaps it’s because we assume that when our lives come to an end, we’ll be old, our loved ones will be financially secure and our financial responsibilities will have been taken care of. Sadly, this situation isn’t always the reality. And, even if we do live a long and happy life, we may at some point suffer an illness or accident that prevents us from working, or makes us a victim of unemployment. It’s therefore sensible to consider how best you’d protect your finances and those of your family if the worst were to happen.

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