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New Branch Launch in Holywood

Date: September 30, 2019

Mortgage IQ are celebrating the launch of their new branch in Holywood, Co Down. Mortgage IQ are one of Northern Irelands market leading mortgage specialists.  The new branch signifies a growing demand in Northern Ireland for advice on mortgages and protection due to a
fast moving housing market.

The branch itself has been garnering attention thanks to its striking window display and boutique feel. Branch Manager Janine Baldie, who has joined the business as a result of the expansion, said “We were very keen that the exterior of the branch stayed in keeping with local businesses around us and really embraced its locality. We engaged a local window designer who was able to “capture Holywood” within the display and we have the option to change the window in keeping with the seasons and themes…so watch this space!”

Directors of Mortgage IQ Tanya Martin and Angela Forsythe hosted the launch of the new branch.. Angela said “It is great to see the new branch open and all the staff together celebrating. We have had a presence in Holywood for a number of months with our IQ & Co Ltd branch on High Street which specialises in Wealth management. The growth in the Wealth Management business has meant that we have the demand to provide both services separately in Holywood prompting the opening of this new Branch of Mortgage IQ; it has also created space for our IQ & Co Wealth advisers who can utilise offices in this new building to meet more customers in a comfortable and confidential setting. Our business is growing and especially within IQ&Co, the Wealth Management side, we are bucking the industry trend; where a lot of advisers have dropped out of the business due to increased scrutiny and qualification requirements, we are seeing growth in our Financial adviser numbers.”

Tanya Martin commented on how IQ & Co Ltd has grown and that Mortgage and Protection Advisers with links to a Wealth Management team are able to “provide an overall service; helping customers with their mortgage
and protection needs but also helping to identify other needs which may need the expert advice of a financial adviser. Market research has shown that a fresh approach is needed which is what Mortgage IQ and IQ &
Co Ltd intend to deliver. We provide smart, simple, transparent advice and are passionate about the development of our people; at the moment 6 mortgage and protection advisers are part way through the journey of
becoming qualified financial advisers. It is great to see both business’ complementing each other so well.”

Tanya added “we are keen to immerse ourselves within the local communities of our branch locations, we want
Mortgage IQ and IQ & Co Ltd to continue to be a trusted, local name. We are already working with the Holywood Chamber of Commerce and have fundraising activities underway to stay active in the community and raise money for charities close to our hearts.”